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  • Work

    I’m a programmer with Python as my go-to tool for building and problem-solving. When the need arises, I also expand my tech stack with Go and TypeScript. I’ve previously worked on DevSecOps at NSFOCUS and engaged in blockchain sentiment analysis at Beosin. For the past year, I’ve been at a startup, working on an intelligent tool powered by LLM to assist businesses in achieving smart and refined management.

  • Life

    While most of the content on this blog leans towards technology, if you’re into the following, feel free to drop a comment with a heart ❤️.

    • Authors: Albert Camus, Yu Hua, Simone de Beauvoir
    • Directors: Jiang Wen, Stanley Kubrick
    • TV Shows: “Rick and Morty”, “The Great Ming Dynasty”, “Black Mirror”
    • Sports: Soccer, Biking
    • Games: “Loner”, “FIFA”, “Give It Up!”


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