The Verge 筛选的40本最经典的科技类书籍,这是他们的推荐语👉“我们对那些所谓有影响力的作品兴趣不大,而对那些经久不衰的作品更感兴趣,这些作品中的观点在今天依然具有现实意义,故事捕捉到了技术的本质,文字让我们在座位上站了起来。这些作品并没有对科技的单一理解,而是不断挑战科技的可能性。”看过其中几本,准备系统刷一遍,mark一下,将书目和介绍先翻译下👇

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  1. 《Close to the Machine: Technophilia and Its Discontents》

    Not only does Ullman tell us what it was like to be an engineer during the dot-com bubble, but she does it in prose that many professional writers envy. The programmers in her milieu live in a strange place, longing to slip the bounds of humanity through their code; at the beginning of the book, Ullman and two other programmers haven’t left the building where they are working in three days.The end users, who are only too human, are a source of contempt for these programmers — and Ullman’s attempt to bridge these two groups with a program makes her increasingly troubled. Because far from the machine, away from the sterile comforts of logic, there are people: AIDS patients, who the program is meant to help. For better or worse, we’ve all gotten closer to the machine since Ullman first wrote, but this memoir is perhaps the most powerful book ever written about technology.


  2. 《Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology》

    In Technopoly, Postman lays out the case that America is a “totalitarian technopoly,” with humans getting squashed beneath the thumb of Big Tech. Systems of meaning have lost all authority — and so now, there is no reliable way to order information into meaning because it is impossible to know which information to discard. With social institutions shaken from their mooring, people trust themselves so little that they are always looking for the authorization from their technological toys — doctors who won’t treat symptoms but will treat blood tests, for instance. Darkly funny, Postman argues that we have made ourselves subservient to our tools.

    在《技术垄断》一书中,波兹曼阐述了美国是一个“极权主义技术垄断”的情况,人类被大型科技所压垮。意义系统已经失去了所有权威——所以现在没有可靠的方法来将信息排序为意义,因为不可能知道要丢弃哪些信息。随着社会机构的锚定摇摇欲坠,人们对自己的信任度越来越低,以至于他们总是从他们的技术玩具中寻求授权——例如,不会治疗症状但会进行血液检查的医生。波兹曼认为,我们已经让自己屈从于我们的工具,这有点黑色幽默。 - 二

  3. 《Uncanny Valley》 《恐怖谷》

    This book stands out among the Silicon Valley memoirs because it doesn’t really have a happy ending. Come to think of it: it doesn’t really have a happy beginning or middle, either. Instead, what we get is a heartbreakingly personal story about what it’s like for a woman who isn’t a developer to work at tech startups that worship bros with engineering prowess and the ability to code. It’s also a story about change — the change that comes from moving across the country, getting a new job with new co-workers, or the creeping realization that the relentless optimism that the world had about the tech industry (and that the tech industry had about itself) in the early 2010s may not actually be warranted.

    这本书在硅谷回忆录中脱颖而出,因为它并没有真正的幸福结局。想想看:它也没有真正的快乐的开始或中间。相反,我们得到的是一个令人心碎的个人故事,讲述了一个不是开发人员的女性在科技初创公司工作的感觉,这些初创公司崇拜具有工程实力和编码能力的兄弟。这也是一个关于变化的故事——这种变化来自于在全国范围内搬家、与新同事一起找到一份新工作,或者是逐渐意识到世界对科技行业的持续乐观态度(而且科技行业已经关于它本身)在 2010 年代初可能实际上没有必要。

  4. 《This Machine Kills Secrets: Julian Assange, the Cypherpunks, and Their Fight to Empower Whistleblowers》

    This is a swashbuckling thriller filled with hackers, whistleblowers, idealists, and some truly reprehensible people. From Daniel Ellsberg to WikiLeaks, the book connects the lesser-known elements that blew up geopolitics and continue to warp our society today. The stories of the cypherpunks mailing list and the ’90s “crypto wars” (that’s cryptography and not monkey jpegs) are woven through riveting portraits of charismatic villains and flawed heroes. The one caveat here is that every version of the book on the market deadnames Chelsea Manning, who publicly changed her name and pronouns the year after publication. (“I definitely don’t feel great about that,” Greenberg told me via email. He explained the book hasn’t been reprinted, so there’s been no opportunity to address this.) It’s a good book if you want to be entertained, and it’s a great book if you want to better understand a radical, slightly grimy slice of tech culture that has loomed large over Silicon Valley for decades but has gone mostly unnoticed elsewhere.

    这是一部虚张声势的惊悚片,里面充满了黑客、告密者、理想主义者和一些真正应受谴责的人。从丹尼尔·艾尔斯伯格到维基解密,这本书将那些鲜为人知的因素联系起来,这些因素炸毁了地缘政治,并继续扭曲我们当今的社会。密码朋克邮件列表和 90 年代“加密战争”(指密码学而不是猴子 jpeg)的故事通过魅力十足的恶棍和有缺陷的英雄的引人入胜的肖像交织在一起。这里需要注意的是,市场上这本书的每个版本都以切尔西·曼宁的名字命名,她在出版一年后公开更改了自己的名字和代词。 (“我对此绝对感觉不太好,”格林伯格通过电子邮件告诉我。他解释说这本书还没有重印,所以没有机会解决这个问题。)如果你想得到娱乐,这是一本好书,如果你想更好地了解一种激进的、有点肮脏的科技文化,这本书是一本很棒的书。这种文化几十年来一直在硅谷占据主导地位,但在其他地方却几乎没有被注意到。

  5. 《Hamlet on the Holodeck: The Future of Narrative in Cyberspace》

    It’s hard to overstate Murray’s influence on how people think about video games and the web. Written in the era of Doom, Myst, and the text-based precursors to massively multiplayer games, her work contains the early threads of debates over agency, immersion, and emergent narrative that we’re still arguing about today (plus, as its toc: true
    title suggests, a lot of bonus references to Star Trek). But Hamlet on the Holodeck isn’t just worth reading to vindicate Murray as right or see what she got wrong. It’s a treatise on the potential of computer storytelling from a moment that’s both strikingly similar and remarkably different from our own, as memorable for its descriptions of now-forgotten experiments as its prescient attention to forms like chatbots and multiplayer social worlds.

    穆雷对人们对视频游戏和网络的看法的影响怎么强调都不为过。她的作品写于《毁灭战士》、《神秘岛》和基于文本的大型多人游戏先驱时代,她的作品包含了我们今天仍在争论的关于代理、沉浸和新兴叙事的争论的早期线索(另外,正如它的标题一样)建议,有很多关于《星际迷航》的额外参考)。但《全息甲板上的哈姆雷特》值得一读,不仅仅是为了证明穆雷的正确性或看看她错在哪里。这是一篇关于计算机讲故事潜力的论文,它与我们所处的时代既惊人相似又截然不同,它对现已被遗忘的实验的描述以及对聊天机器人和多人社交世界等形式的先见之明的关注同样令人难忘。 — 阿迪·罗伯逊

  6. 《Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber》

    by Mike IsaacWe’ve had enough examples of founder worship gone wrong that you’d think we’d have learned our lesson. But Super Pumped, the thrilling portrait of Uber under the reign of its aggro bro CEO Travis Kalanick, is unsparing in its detail and delicious in its office drama. The startup Isaac paints is one that is guided by growth rather than any direction from a moral compass. But it’s Kalanick’s conflation of ego and ambition that eventually led to his employees turning on him. In the end, Kalanick saw himself and Uber as singular — and I don’t think he was wrong. He was just astonishing in a different way than he’d hoped.

    作者:迈克·艾萨克 我们已经有足够多的创始人崇拜出错的例子,你可能会认为我们已经吸取了教训。但《Super Pumped》是 Uber 在其好斗的兄弟首席执行官特拉维斯·卡兰尼克 (Travis Kalanick) 统治下的惊心动魄的写照,其细节毫不留情,办公室戏剧也很精彩。艾萨克描绘的初创公司是一家以增长为导向的初创公司,而不是道德指南针的任何方向。但正是卡兰尼克将自我和野心混为一谈,最终导致他的员工背叛了他。最后,卡兰尼克认为自己和 Uber 都是独一无二的——我认为他没有错。他只是以一种与他希望的不同的方式令人惊讶。

  7. 《Broad Band: The Untold Story of the Women Who Made the Internet》

    I’ve read many, many books about computer history at this point, and still, most of the stories in Broad Band were new to me. In some ways, that’s the point — true to its subtoc: true
    title and meant to do more than just reinforce the legends of all the dudes we already know. By giving the women of computer science their due, it manages to capture something that a lot of other histories don’t. Yes, it goes into exciting and groundbreaking inventions and talks about the very smart and semi-famous people who made them, but it also delves into the less well-known parts of computer history — the communities that supported those inventions and the (sometimes offline) infrastructure that made them work. It’s a book about missing pieces, the silent or underappreciated systems and people that made it so technology could continue to leap forward and that made the internet we call home worth using in the first place.

    此时我已经读过很多很多有关计算机历史的书籍,但《宽带》中的大多数故事对我来说仍然是新的。在某些方面,这就是重点——正如它的副标题一样,它的目的不仅仅是强化我们已经知道的所有家伙的传奇。通过给予计算机科学界的女性应有的地位,它成功地捕捉到了许多其他历史所没有的东西。是的,它探讨了令人兴奋和开创性的发明,并谈论了创造这些发明的非常聪明和半著名的人,但它也深入研究了计算机历史中不太为人所知的部分——支持这些发明的社区和(有时是离线的) )使它们发挥作用的基础设施。这本书讲述了缺失的部分、沉默的或未被充分重视的系统和人们,正是这些系统和人们使技术得以继续飞跃,并使我们称之为家的互联网首先值得使用。

  8. 《The Boy Kings: A Journey into the Heart of the Social Network》

    Part memoir, part company portrait, The Boy Kings occupies an era of Facebook long before Cambridge Analytica revealed what Mark Zuckerberg’s empire — and Big Tech at large — had wrought. But in The Boy Kings, we see the early days as the company pursued its techno-utopian ideals. Losse herself only stumbled into the job and always maintained an anthropological distance from her work. There are plenty of lavish, frat-y startup anecdotes. But the enduring heart of the book is Losse’s access to a younger, more naive Zuckerberg — she was so close to him that her job transformed into being his ghostwriter. Here, the CEO is revealed to be entoc: true
    titled, un-self-aware, and vague in his vision for the future. While other Facebook employees hail him as an emperor, Losse instead figures out quickly how he pretends to be one.

    一半是回忆录,一半是公司肖像,《男孩国王》占据了 Facebook 的一个时代,早在剑桥分析公司揭示马克·扎克伯格的帝国以及整个大型科技公司所取得的成就之前。但在《男孩国王》中,我们看到了该公司追求其技术乌托邦理想的早期阶段。洛瑟本人只是偶然进入了这份工作,并且始终与她的工作保持着人类学的距离。有很多奢华的、兄弟般的创业轶事。但这本书的持久核心是洛瑟接触到了一个更年轻、更天真的扎克伯格——她和他如此亲密,以至于她的工作变成了他的代笔。在这里,这位首席执行官被揭露为有权利、没有自我意识、对未来的愿景模糊。当其他 Facebook 员工称赞他为皇帝时,洛斯很快就明白了他是如何假装皇帝的。

  9. 《Common as Air: Revolution, Art, and Ownership》

    A lot of us looked at the overheated anti-piracy rhetoric of the 2000s, cracked some jokes about those corny “You Wouldn’t Steal A Car” ads, and moved on. But Hyde encountered the decade’s push for ever-broader intellectual property rules and saw something deeply pernicious: an erosion of our common culture borne of treating knowledge like mere private property. His response, Common as Air, is one of the most eloquent and rousing defenses of the public domain you’ll ever read. On top of a thoughtful argument about a powerful organizing principle of modern media, it’s a book that can make you excited about the prospect of artists building off each other’s ideas. If watching corporate juggernauts reduce every book, game, and movie in existence to eternally “exploitable IP” makes you a little queasy, it’s the perfect antidote.

    我们中的很多人看了 2000 年代过热的反盗版言论,对那些老掉牙的“你不会偷车”广告开了一些玩笑,然后继续前进。但海德遇到了这十年来不断推动的更广泛的知识产权规则,并看到了一些极其有害的东西:将知识视为纯粹的私有财产,对我们共同文化的侵蚀。他的回应《Common as Air》是你读过的对公共领域最雄辩、最激动人心的辩护之一。除了对现代媒体强大的组织原则进行深思熟虑的论证之外,这本书还可以让你对艺术家相互借鉴想法的前景感到兴奋。如果看着企业巨头将现存的每一本书、游戏和电影变成永远的“可利用的知识产权”让你感到有点恶心,那么它就是完美的解药。

  10. 《Like, Comment, Subscribe: Inside YouTube’s Chaotic Rise to World Domination》
    《点赞、评论、订阅:YouTube 混乱崛起并统治世界的内幕》

    What is YouTube, really? A video hosting platform? A social network or a search engine? The world’s largest music service or a replacement for television entirely? The tensions between all of these things, YouTube’s leadership, and YouTubers themselves are masterfully laid out in Like, Comment, Subscribe, which is among the very best books of its kind. Yes, it is a tumultuous history of YouTube, from its shaky startup days through to its dominating position as an institution of both the internet and the global cultural economy, but it is importantly also a history of the YouTube creator and how the platform’s shifting goals and metrics have built and destroyed entire content empires in the blink of an eye.

    YouTube 到底是什么?视频托管平台?社交网络还是搜索引擎?世界上最大的音乐服务还是完全替代电视?所有这些事情、YouTube 的领导层和 YouTube 用户本身之间的紧张关系在《点赞、评论、订阅》中得到了巧妙的阐述,这是同类书籍中最好的一本书。是的,这是 YouTube 的一段动荡历史,从摇摇欲坠的初创时期到其作为互联网和全球文化经济机构的主导地位,但重要的是,这也是 YouTube 创作者的历史以及该平台如何转变目标的历史指标在眨眼间就建立并摧毁了整个内容帝国。

  11. 《A People’s History of Computing in the United States 》

    In this history of the early users of computers in the 1960s and 1970s, Rankin emphasizes that the history of technology isn’t the history of the Great Men who created products — but of the people who made communities with them.

    在这部 20 世纪 60 年代和 1970 年代计算机早期用户的历史中,兰金强调,技术的历史不是创造产品的伟人的历史,而是与产品建立社区的人们的历史。

  12. 《New Money: How Payment Became Social Media》

    What is money if not the original social network? Swartz’s observations of how digital money works as a creative (and destructive) force are a must-read for anyone who makes money online.


  13. 《The Soul of a New Machine》

    In his chronicle of a group of super computer engineers from the late ’70s / early ’80s, Kidder never shies away from the nitty-gritty of engineering and computing, and his confidence in the mechanical keeps Soul of a New Machine enduring over four decades later.

    在基德对 70 年代末 / 80 年代初一群超级计算机工程师的编年史中,他从不回避工程和计算的本质,他对机械的信心使《新机器的灵魂》经久不衰。之后。

  14. 《Spam: A Shadow History of the Internet》

    So obvious that it is mostly unremarked upon, Brunton argues that spam messages tell us all about modern society, revealing that a lot of modern life is computers just talking endlessly to each other, cutting out the human middleman.


  15. 《Being There: Putting Brain, Body, and World Together Again 》

    What if your body is part of your mind? Where is the barrier between the world and the mind anyway? Clark’s study of thought weaves together what it actually is to think, which is much more complex than just neuronal activity.


  16. 《Spelunky 》 《洞穴探险》

    Spelunky has always been a bit of a gamer’s game: mechanical, nostalgic, somewhat inaccessible, brilliant. Though developer Derek Yu is extremely specific in this book about the thoughtful choices he made with the game, the design lessons speak to much larger themes and conflicts in art-making.

    《洞穴探险》一直有点像游戏玩家的游戏:机械、怀旧、有点难以接近、精彩。尽管开发者 Derek Yu 在本书中非常具体地讲述了他在游戏中做出的深思熟虑的选择,但设计课程谈到了更大的主题和艺术创作中的冲突。

  17. 《The Attention Merchants: The Epic Scramble to Get Inside Our Heads 》

    Wu thinks advertising is the web’s original sin, and in this history of advertising and propaganda, he makes a case that we’ve hit a new inflection point in the industrial control of our minds.


  18. 《Distributed Blackness: African American Cybercultures 》

    In this excellently researched study, Brock Jr. emphasizes the role that Black users play in online culture and the joy and playfulness these users bring to online spaces.


  19. 《The Extreme Self 》 《极端的自我》

    Have you ever felt bullied by a picture book? In this graphic novel, Basar, Coupland, and Ulrich Obrist push and pull at what it is to have a self at all.


  20. 《Small Fry》 《小炒》

    Catchy as a glimpse into the family life of Steve Jobs, but Brennan-Jobs possesses a compelling story all her own. A carefully observed memoir, she casts a sharp, specific portrait of burgeoning Silicon Valley in the ’80s against the universal story of longing for a father’s love.

    对史蒂夫·乔布斯家庭生活的一瞥引人入胜,但布伦南·乔布斯也有一个引人入胜的故事。这是一本经过仔细观察的回忆录,她对 80 年代蓬勃发展的硅谷进行了尖锐而具体的描绘,与渴望父爱的普遍故事形成鲜明对比。

  21. 《The Hacker Crackdown: Law and Disorder on the Electronic Frontier 》

    What do you get when a glitch takes down America’s biggest phone network, the Secret Service raids a tabletop RPG maker, and the US government declares war on hackers? A wry and surprisingly twisty nonfiction caper about ’90s phone phreak culture by science fiction author Sterling.

    当美国最大的电话网络出现故障、特勤局突袭一家桌面角色扮演游戏制造商、美国政府向黑客宣战时,您会得到什么?科幻小说作家斯特林讲述了 90 年代电话飞客文化的讽刺且令人惊讶的曲折非小说类小说。

  22. 《Orality and Literacy: The Technologizing of the Word》

    What if online culture is more like oral culture than literate culture? Ong persuasively argues that communication shapes thought, and after reading him, it’s hard to escape the notion that the changes to consciousness from digital communication may make us more like the ancients than like our parents.


  23. 《Disciplined Minds: A Critical Look at Salaried Professionals and the Soul-battering System That Shapes Their Lives》

    Though Schmidt focuses primarily on physicists, this study of how white-collar professionals are selected and shaped for certain kinds of creativity and incuriosity clearly explains why most people in the tech industry have such limited imaginations. Of course all the “contrarians” think exactly the same — they were selected that way.


  24. 《Readme.txt 》 《自述文件.txt》

    If the only thing you know about Manning is that she’s a whistleblower, you’ll find a much richer story in the details of what led her to that decision and the horrific consequences that followed, as well as her journey toward understanding her gender identity.


  25. 《Death by Video Game: Danger, Pleasure, and Obsession on the Virtual Frontline 》

    A compellingly and curiously researched book about great feats of video game obsession, written with the careful eye of a critic.


  26. 《Life In Code: A Personal History of Technology 》

    This essay collection gives you a 20-year view of the tech industry from one of its best chroniclers. The essay about Y2K is particularly insightful, as are her comments about tech culture, who makes it, and who gets excluded.

    这本散文集向您展示了一位最优秀的编年史家对科技行业 20 年的看法。关于“千年虫”的文章特别富有洞察力,她对科技文化、谁创造了科技、谁被排除在外的评论也同样如此。

  27. 《Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup》

    Carreyrou lays bare the downside of the tech hype cycle: not everything is marketing, and when Elizabeth Holmes doesn’t deliver on her promises, real people get hurt.


  28. 《There Must Be a Pony in Here Somewhere: The AOL Time Warner Debacle and the Quest for the Digital Future 》

    In this compulsively readable history of the AOL / Time Warner merger, Kara Swisher dishes the dirt on the egos of the dot-com boom and the easy money that came with it.


  29. 《The Twenty-Six Words That Created the Internet 》

    Kosseff will take you through two decades of fights over Section 230, a law whose effects are felt in nearly every corner of the internet. Beyond the legal arguments, Kosseff captures the limits of abstract principles in the face of people doing awful things online — a problem that’s existed almost as long as the web itself.

    科塞夫将带您经历二十年来围绕 230 条款展开的斗争,该法律的影响几乎遍及互联网的每个角落。除了法律论证之外,科塞夫还指出了人们在网上做坏事时抽象原则的局限性——这个问题几乎与网络本身一样存在。

  30. 《Everything I Need I Get from You: How Fangirls Created the Internet as We Know It 》

    A reclamation of fandom (and a surprisingly robust deep dive into the annals of One Direction Tumblrs), former Verge staffer Tiffany brightly and breezily argues how the seemingly niche contours of stan culture shaped the greater internet landscape today.

    作为粉丝圈的复兴(以及对 One Direction Tumblrs 历史的令人惊讶的深入研究),前 Verge 员工蒂芙尼轻松活泼地阐述了斯坦文化看似小众的轮廓如何塑造了当今更大的互联网格局。

  31. 《Videogames for Humans: Twine Authors in Conversation 》

    Hypertext design tool Twine fostered a singular world of experimental, deeply personal video games. Videogames for Humans is a series of essays taking a close lens to those works — producing the kind of literary analysis not enough games receive.

    超文本设计工具 Twine 培育了一个实验性的、高度个性化的视频游戏的独特世界。 《人类电子游戏》是一系列文章,对这些作品进行了近距离观察——产生了一种没有足够游戏接受的文学分析。

  32. 《Algorithms of Oppression: How Search Engines Reinforce Racism 》

    “Systemic racism” is often hard to pin down as a nefarious and often opaque form of discrimination. But in Noble’s thoroughly researched book, she’s able to nail down one specific and troubling system: the search engine.


  33. 《Dealers of Lightning: Xerox PARC and the Dawn of the Computer Age 》

    Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Center is the birthplace of ethernet, desktop computers, and the laser printer, and Hiltzik’s account of its heyday might leave you impressed they pulled any of it off. Dealers of Lightning profiles a team of visionaries who helped create computing as we know it — while fighting their own company every step of the way.

    施乐公司的帕洛阿尔托研究中心是以太网、台式电脑和激光打印机的诞生地,希尔茨克对其全盛时期的描述可能会让你印象深刻,他们成功实现了这一切。 《闪电经销商》介绍了一支由有远见的人组成的团队,他们帮助创建了我们所知的计算技术,同时也与自己的公司作斗争。

  34. 《Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy》

    If you want to understand how algorithms shape modern society in ways that are hard to avoid or contest, this is a great way to familiarize yourself with how data can work to make life less fair.


  35. 《The Deal of the Century: The Breakup of AT&T 》
    《世纪交易:AT&T 的解体》

    It feels like tech antitrust is a hot, trending topic. But maybe tech and antitrust have always gone hand in hand. AT&T, after all, was and is a kind of tech company, and the things that make tech companies large and successful are the same things that attract the attention of regulators.

    科技反垄断似乎是一个热门话题。但也许科技和反垄断总是齐头并进。毕竟,AT&T 过去和现在都是一家科技公司,而让科技公司变得规模更大、取得成功的因素也正是吸引监管机构关注的因素。

  36. 《No Filter: The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful》

    Influencers exist because they were deliberately courted, and Frier’s account gives us a history of how some nerds attempting to build a photo business built the foundations of the creator economy.


  37. 《Countdown to Zero Day: Stuxnet and the Launch of the World’s First Digital Weapon》

    This book recounts the tale of the Stuxnet malware: why it was made, how it was delivered to a secure nuclear facility, and the cat and mouse game researchers played to pick it apart and understand it. It also asks the terrifying question: what doors did the first major cyberweapon open?

    本书讲述了 Stuxnet 恶意软件的故事:它为何被制造、它如何被传送到安全的核设施,以及研究人员玩猫捉老鼠的游戏来拆解它并理解它。它还提出了一个可怕的问题:第一个主要网络武器打开了哪些大门?

  38. 《Crash Override: How Gamergate (Nearly) Destroyed My Life, and How We Can Win the Fight Against Online Hate》

    Quinn’s breakup was so bad the UN got involved. In Crash Override, she writes about being at the center of a storm of sexist harassment during Gamergate — and gives us a portrait of what it is to be targeted by the entire internet as you try to exit an abusive relationship.


  39. 《Who Controls the Internet? Illusions of a Borderless World》

    Published in 2006, the book is clearly intended as a response to contemporary technolibertarian hype of an ungovernable internet — the thesis is that the internet is, in fact, effectively and actually subject to specific organizations, infrastructures, laws, governments, and borders. In 2023, this is no longer a provocative counter-revolutionary salvo, but the book remains a vital history of the internet.

    这本书于 2006 年出版,显然是为了回应当代技术自由主义对互联网失控的炒作——其论点是,互联网实际上有效且实际地受到特定组织、基础设施、法律、政府和边界的约束。 2023 年,这不再是挑衅性的反革命齐射,但这本书仍然是互联网的重要历史。

  40. 《You Look Like a Thing and I Love You: How AI Works and Why It’s Making the World a Weirder Place》

    Shane’s primer treats AI like a large, surprisingly clever, but frequently discombobulated pet. It’s an affectionately down-to-earth introduction to the year’s most hype-prone field of tech, complete with charming illustrations.